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Why no downloadable trial?

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With all due respect, our product is quite large in size due to the various products and industries, and a trial version is several gigs. Most people won't download something the size of the trial version.

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AutoCAD 2009 1.26GB Download (zipped) - expands to 3.5GB for installation files. Final application install is 750 MB.

So.... just how big is Vectorworks? - zipped??

The zipped VW content is about 3GB. If you install all features of VectorWorks, the final install comes in at about 5GB.

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Hmm...The installation disk for VW2008 Designer - Mac is 3.3GB. Don't know if it could be compressed but even if it can't, still doesn't seem to be a reason NOT to have a downloadable trial.

It doesn't look like there's even an ability to have a demo disk sent.

Does NNA offer a trial disk? I had one for VW12.5.

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