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Best Inkjet Paper



I have just bought a used HP Designjet 800ps 42" plotter. I was wondering what you would recommend for paper. I am a Landscape designer & use a lot of color in my designs.I would like great color but feel I can't afford to use photo paper. Let me know your thoughts.

Also, are there other brands that are just as good a HP but are lower in price? I would like the best bang for the $$$$.



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Paper is paper, you don't need HP brand products...what your local reprographic supply company stocks will almost certainly be acceptable.

In the US, bright white coated paper is often called "color bond" or "premium bond"...or at least in my neck of the woods.

I've had satisfactory results using plain bond for many applications...and it's the cheapest paper you can usually buy.

Translucent bonds and vellum will be unsatisfactory for color prints.

I suppose photo paper is great if you have the money, I don't.

For me, the bang comes from the big color prints not from the paper.

I apply the 10' rule and find that ordinary bond is usually acceptable for everything but the most critical presentations.

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