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display all - in search of undisplayed objects

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Is there a quick and easy way to display all including hidden objects. My class and layer settings are to display all when possible though in this sheet layer with VPs, 'active only' is the mandated layer setting.

I'm trying to edit the masking entities which were drawn over VP objects in a sheet elevation layer. I see that they are there but cannot pick them. (Which is another question regarding the limits of selectability and object handle display in sheet layer VPs and such... Are there simple rules of engagement here?)

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It's a little unclear exactly what a "masking entity" is. If what you're referring to is a viewport crop, you "engage" them by entering the VP Crop mode. . .NOT the Annotations mode. When in the Crop mode, you'll only be able to select/edit the cropping shape.


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Thanks, Travis, but I haven't made it to viewport crop yet. Just 'white rectangles' and the like as boxjoint mentions.

And boxjoint, yes, I'm sure I tried selecting in both the VP annotations and sheet layers first as that was the most likely problem. No luck, but thanks.

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On the sheet layer in question, if you do a "Select all" you can step through the selected objects using the OIP by clicking the little button at the top with three dots in it and then using the arrow buttons to the right of that.

Have you tried that to see if the masking object is actually selectable via "Select All"?

Also, do you have any groups on your sheet that may contain the offending mask?

Another way to go about it might be to use Tools>Custom Selection or Custom Visibility which allow you to define what sheet and objects you are trying to find.

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