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working display organization

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Not sure what the term for it is; I would call it 'workspace' but guess that is otherwise used. What I mean is simply the way the display is organized: primarily palette display, docking and sizing. Is there some way to save this so when VW crashes and must be reloaded it can be quickly restored? It obviously is not saved either in periodic saves or VW auto saves, but it is remembered by VW typically, so it must be a volatile setting in VW?

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I think it is saved with the workspace, but it is only saved when you quit the program. That means that if you make changes and then crash, the changes are not saved.

So, make the changes and then quit VW. Make a backup copy of the workspace. Restart VW. The next time it crashes, you should come back up with the saved settings.


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Thanks, Pat, though why make the backup copy after saving and quitting? (I'm already using a copied workspace, if that matters.)

I'm pretty sure I have ended VW with a save (rather than a crash) and still the workspace has not returned to that saved state after a subsequent crash.

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