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2 major problems

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ANYTHING to do with classes-CRASH my system....HELP!!!!

Also, due to my training in MC7 I draw things in layers ie drawing on one layer and dimensions on another. so, im MC you could preset all drawing objects to be a certain line thickness and dimensions in a slightly thinner line: However, if i set either one, the other automatically follows suit. any help there?

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You need to talk to VW tech about the crashing isssues. tech@nemetschek.net

Regarding the drawing techniques, you have to reconsider your methods to align more with the Vectorworks logic, although you are closer than you think.

One thing, realize that the Layers are WHERE the things are, such as floor levels, roofs, cabinet top, cabinet base, etc. The Classes are WHAT the objects are, such as chair, leg, dowels, lights, windows, notes. These you can adjust the attributes how you like, text style, size, weight, line weight, in Tools/Organization, or even the Attributes palette for single item adjustments.

For instance, I have often drawn a detail with one class, say Notes-Details, which has a line weight and colors etc that you have set when you made it. (I put it on a layer Details, that has a scale I want to see on the drawings, say 3:12). After I draw the detail, I will then change the line wight of individual items to make the drawing more readable.

If you want the individual items to be separate classes, say so you can turn off certain pieces, then use different Classes for different items (blocking, Ply, Veneer, Fasteners, etc) and adjust those attributes. If you take a little time up front to think your way through it, you can set it up in advance. Or adjust as you go, and when it finally gets to a good set-up save it as a template.

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Crashes on Macs may be due to maintenance issues. I do the following, weekly.

There is a built-in program that runs in the wee small hours, so if you turn your Mac off at night, it doesn't get to run. Either leave your Mac on (all the time, or occasionally) or download and regularly run a program like Macjanitor.

Repair Permissions (Utilities>Disk Utility>Repair Disk Permissions) often, as well as before & after adding any software.

DiskWarrior is a good program for Macs, it rebuilds the directory, which is apparently where the majority of Mac problems originate.

Check for Software Updates frequently.

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Guest Donne Martin

Have you updated to SP2? There was an issue with classes on the organization dialog and Leopard that was addressed in a previous service pack.

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