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i want to see the rectangles' dimensions in the object info window as 'x' and 'y' like it used to be.

i don't understand why or in which cases the new 'width' and 'height' system could be good. often times i'm wasting extra fractions of time thinking if the rectangle is rotated or not and where is the width and where is the height.

can this be disabled or changed back somehow? can i edit rectangles like before, like i can still edit polygons for example, with the good, proven, 'x' and 'y' system?

i use duplicate a lot, and many times instead of drawing a new item (this not only applies to rectangles) i duplicate another of the same sort and modify it. this is to me a reasonable thing to do, for example, when one wants to incidentally draw an object in a class that is not the active class...

anyway, the thing is, i duplicate and rotate rectangles and other objects a lot and now i wind up confused with how my rectangles are oriented, whereas i'm never in a situation in which i am grateful to know which side is labeled 'width' and which is labeled 'height'.

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at last someone says something... i was starting to feel lonely with this.

but, am i so wrong, am i missing something from this new way of editing rectangles?

it would be nice if someone from nemetschek could explain what's the idea behind this change. for that matter, it would be good to hear anyone argue in its favor...

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Ok....I can figure that. But why? X-Y seems to be less complicated. Whether a rectangle is rotated or not, the X-Y axis are still obvious. What was the reasoning behind the change? I've read another post recommending that I change the rectangle to a polygon, and then the X-Y references are used, but that just seems to be another step for no reason.

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