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Door and Window Schedules

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The door information is in a record that is part of the Door PIO. It is named Door.

The formula to get the door width is =door.doorwidth i.e. the record name followed by a period followed by the field name. If there is a space in the record name or field name, then need to be surrounded by single quotes. ' '

You can enter most of these values using the Paste Criteria function from the small black pull down triangle menu. Put an equals sign in the cell and then go to past criteria. Select Field Value is and then select the door field you are interested in.


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The standard Door Schedule, accessed in the Architect workspace via the Menu command, Tools > Reports > VA Create Schedule... > Door Schedule is the best place to start. You can add/delete columns, as necessary.

For a "Door Type", what information were you looking to convey? We don't currently have a "type" data field, but there are User Fields that you could put the type designation in.

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thanks for your suggestions. To clarify my intention, I'm trying to get the report to default to the OIP to the 'width', 'height' and 'configuration' settings of the OIP. I imagine the it is possible to attach a record to the door or window object and cause the report to count the objects, show the above size and configuration data and allow me to note finish and hardware, etc. The formulaic method suggested by Pat hasn't panned out probably because the record reference is attached to the marker and not the door itself. Would you suggest that I reset the doors and markers and attach records the door?

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So make the schedule of the door markers instead of the doors. Then you can use the =record.field notation to pull the information from your marker record.




will give you the information from the door plug-in record.

What will be difficult is to mix and match in the same row data from teh door record and the marker record.


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The VA schedule is pretty interesting but... it's the size of Oklahoma for one thing, and I haven't been able to discover how to edit the template to show a more relevant set of data. The other thing I noticed is that the object count isn't able to distinguish sequential numbers ie. one (1) is followed by ten (10) not two (2) in; general, text, and scientific cell formats - don't seem to have a numeric format. I would appreciate your comments.



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During the past few weeks I've been working with generating schedules and the program is packed with tools to help you achieve what you're looking for... though nothing is perfect and without compromises. It takes time to get things dialed in to suit your needs but once they are you could could just save the schedule setup as a template.

In terms of sequential numbers, if you use the ID Tool to arrange your markers you have the option to insert them in ascending order. Also, there is a "Re-Sequence Openings" plug-in for free:


-though this isn't without it's flaws... but you may want to experiment with it.

Also, I may be confused, but I believe your sequencing issue is simply that it should be object 01,02,etc not 1,2,etc.

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To edit the Default schedules, you can simply delete the columns you don't wish to include the data for. You can also delete the formula/function in the column of the database header row and it will remove the data without removing the column. You can then replace it with a function/formula of your choice. Once you've changed it to your liking, you can import/export it for other files.

C W is right. We don't have global "smart numbering" yet, so you'll have to use 2 or 3 digits for numbers - e.g. 01 or 001 instead of just 1.

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I stumbled upon the answer. Under the formating section, the cells were set to "General". Once I changed the format to "Dimension", everything fell into place as feet and fractional inches. My schedule units now read in the same format as those shown in the NNA Alexandria Laundry Lofts example.

Thanks to all for your help.

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I'm having a numbering issue similar to visard's. It seems to be randomly ordering the doors in the automatic door schedule (sequence 17,15,18,10,07,14,03...). Is there anyway to have the schedule read in sequence (01,02,03...etc)?


(I tried the plugin and re-sequenced the doors...with some unpredictable results, but the schedule ordering issue persisted)

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You can set the columns to sort a worksheet by by dragging the increasing bars and decreasing bars to the column header with a database row selected. Look for the icons just above the Column A & B headers. Depending on how your doors are numbered, you might need to sort by multiple columns (prefix/suffix). If they are all D-XX, then all you need to do is drag the Incereasing columns button to the Column B header.

If you actually want to renumber the doors instead of just change the display order, that is a different issue.


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Pat, thanks for the response. I'm a little confused by what you said. I tried that formula, but it didn't give me the door sizes. In the Qty colum, I used =COUNT for the formula. Right now the formula in the Nominal Size Width column is

=(Door.DoorWidth). Thx!

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Thx Jeffrey. I got that to work on all doors except overhead doors. For some reason, the overhead doors' width and height dimension is cut by 4, but there are only 2 doors. I have my qty of doors in the very first column, so the formula extension I have to use is /A4. Maybe I should copy those overhead doors in plan and delete the old ones? Does it sound like a bug with those 2 doors?

AND some windows are doing this as well! What is up with that?

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For those who don't want to dig around in Jeffery's worksheet for the trick, here it is.

Insert an additional column into your worksheet and enter the formula =COUNT in the database header. This will give you the number of items that meet the summerization criteria for that row. For this example I am going to assume it is in column AD (as it is in Jeffery's worksheet.)

Edit each of the cells that are displaying incorrectly (width, height, etc) to include a "/AD" on the end (without the quotes. For example, the formula for the Width in the default schedule is:


Change that to:


The trick is that you have to include the count on the worksheet. It will not work if you enter the formula



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