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Problem with worksheets/clipboard?


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Here is another mystifying anomaly with vw2008;

I have some custom made tools which draw objects, and then write a record into a worksheet to create an object count/item list.

The bit that does this is;-


SetRfield(Lnewobj,rfs,'Item Code','POST/TS/W');

SetRfield(Lnewobj,rfs,'Description','Tall Post-Square, Wood');


The thing all works fine (& always has done!)and fills out the worksheet properly. The problem arises when I try & export the data. When I copy the columns from the worksheet & paste them into an excel spreadsheet, I get an extra blank line between each line of data, which messes up the excel calculation.

To make sure it is not an excel problem, I paste the worksheet columns into a word document - you get the same double line spacing. If I paste into notepad it works fine, with no extra lines. Incidentally the 'Export Data' function works OK, and writes a notepad document correctly also. Pasting into a google spreadsheet also produce the double line spacing.

This problem only seems to happen with vw2008 on a PC. It was OK with v12.5, and doesn't cause any problems with a mac.

Any ideas where the problem lies?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Mark,

Thank you for pointing this out.

This looks like a text encoding bug in the clipboard. There is nothing wrong on your side.

Use the "Export Worksheet" command for now.




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Thanks for looking! - The 'Export Worksheet' & 'Import Data' into Excel is longwinded & a pain, especially if there are several worksheets on the drawing. It is so much easier to simply copy & paste the data direct. I guess I'll have to copy & paste into notepad and then copy & paste from there into the excel sheet, (which sort of defeats the object of our rather nifty CAD/Excel system!).

Thanks again


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