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Roof Object Cut-outs leave odd shape

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I am trying to make a roof with a wide dormer. I would rather not use the dormer tool so I can try different dormer roof profiles, so am trying to edit the roof object and clip the surface (edit group/paste a rectangle in place/exit group). It leaves this odd triangular shape floating around like a ghost of an eave. Any ideas?

I can't put an image in this post, but could send it if you need to see it.


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FYI, spoke with tech support (same day!). The issue is using the soffit accessory. Even with a cut out all the way to the roof edge, it will draw the "ghost" soffit across the cut-out area.

Suggestion: make the roof without the soffit accessory, draw it in the elevations. If you need it in a model, draw a triangle in a front view and extrude it back the depth of the overhang.

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