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Tips on not losing Dongles

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Assuming it's a USB dongle, put it on a nice long lanyard

Yes, I was thinking a lanyard... although it just seems weird to tether oneself in such a way, and I don't think I'll convince the boss to where a lanyard.

Maybe a clip-on to a set of keys...

Make them pay for a replacement - they will then realise how valuable they are.

Considering it's the Director who's taking one home I'm sure he will agree. ;)

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Make sure you have insurance for your dongles, too. Lost and stolen dongles are replaced at full license costs!

There have been trial lawsuits about this in Germany, so forget protesting against it.

Broken dongles are replaced at +/- 50,- pound UK. excluding shipping, handling, VAT.

Avoid breaking dongles with an USB extension cord. See also the Dongle article on the Orange Dust site.


Have fun!

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For my thumb drives, similar to the dongles, I have attached them to a mildly obnoxious item, like a door knob escutcheon, which has a hole to hang it on a peg or push pin, is big enough to find rooting around the lapdob bag pockets, and big enough to feel in your pocket and see on your dresser top, but small enough to deal with. For your director, use one of those car key fob alarms that beep when you hit a remote button. They make them for general use now.

And you keep the fob.

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