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line dash style scale


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You can edit the viewport's "advanced properties" (button at the bottom of the viewport properties palette) and change the dashed line scale.


You can edit the dashed lines in file > document settings > dash styles. There is an option here to "scale with line thickness", whereby a thicker line gives you larger dashes, spaces and dots.

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using the same dash style in different layers with different scales produces different dash scales, by turning on scale with line thickness you have to put up with heavier line thicknesses to achieve bigger scale, so where to now if you need a thin line with big dash quickly, my thought would be to use attribute mapping tool to scale dash size, a bit like resizing hatches, but this hasn't been developed yet unfortunately (very much needed), i have added to wishlist. Surely there must be a quicker way to scale a dash size without having to edit in resource browser & by doing it this way you actually resize all other lines using the same dash style.

Comments anyone?


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