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Best practices for use of Style-1, -2, -3, etc.?

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Hi all.

I'm still a newbie to VW and am working on developing standards and work-flows for my office.

I'm wondering how you all use the Style-1, 2, 3, etc. classes. Do you assign them to building components (int. trim, stair stringer, counter top...,) graphical attributes (.13-filled-red...,) or rendering textures (wood, paint color 1, steel...?)

I suspect that assigning them to components makes the most sense but really don't know where to start in developing a map for them.

I'd really love to see some best practices for use of these classes.

I'd also love a list of the PIOs and other objects that are set up to use these classes. This would go a long way to helping allocate chunks of classes to types of objects.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I use these for finishes, materials and textures. Most if not all PIO's have that capacity either in the OIP or setting palettes. Unless you are doing extensive modeling, you may be ok just using them on a case by case basis,ie, when you need to establish a Style texture, set it up at that point.

If you want to look ahead to bigger things, deterimine a logic for establishing them, such as Exterior finishes first, interior finishes, specialty items, order of construction, etc.

Don't forget, many objects can be given colors or textures in other ways as well, such as the attribute palette or resource browser, for individual items. Sometimes all you need is a color to get your point across.

I would be interested in getting other's feedback on how this is used in different offices. It seems it is either a tremendous resource or a huge pain. What say out there?

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Currently I give a more descriptive name to the style class, i.e. Style-Pnt-Int Case 1, Style-Pnt-Ext-Trim 1,or Style-Cntop-Stone 1. This makes it obvious what each style class is, as well as giving me more than the 15 choices total for all the plugin objects (PIO) that use style classes. When it's all set up, it works well for me. The problem is that every time VW is updated, I have to go back manually re-edit the PIO's with the vectorscript editor. Now I have a text file with all the PIO's that I use with the style classes with the class names I want and copy and paste.

Tools menu > vector script editor > edit the parameters.

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