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VectorScripts and Position Numbers

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Anyone out there have a vectorscript that will automatically assign a unit number to a lighting instrument based on it's position on a lighting position?

Example: If I insert an instrument at "position 5" on the pipe, the unit number in the object info will read 5, even though it may be the only unit on that pipe.

I know that there is nothing in VW that will do this automatically, so I'm wondering if anyone was savvy enough to write a script for it.

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That is if you want to order in direct numerical order. Look at the attached file. The circles are predetermined position numbers on our lighting pipes. If I place a light at circle #5, I want the unit number to be "5" - even if it is the only light on that pipe (auto numbering would make it "1" if it was the only light)

I think I've posted the pdf right.

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