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Export Bug!

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Found a significant, but hopefully squash-able, bug today trying to export from VW 2008. I am running 2008 SP2 (83388) on a MacBook Pro 2.4GHz on Mac OS 10.5.2.

I have a small file "abc123.vwx" of 3.3MB drawn in v2008. I needed to export it to a friend who still works on VW 11. I went thru the normal exporting process to 'Export as a Vectorworks 11 File..." and changed the default name of "abc123_v11.mcd" to "abc123_vw11.mcd". The resulting file was 398.2 MB!

So, I tried to export again and leave the default name of "abc123_v11.mcd" and the resulting file saved quickly and came in at 4.4MB.

Then I tried to export again with the default name of "abc123_v11.mcd" and overwrite the decent export and I got another large +250MB file. Deleting the large file and then exporting the file again with the default name yielded me a proper 4.4MB file again.

I tried similar experiments saving on top of the file with the custom name "abc123_vw11.mcd" and was able to get a normal sized file again too.

I suppose the results are a bit inconsistent but repeatable so hopefully this will be of some help. I have not tried exporting to other versions - please comment if you have experience with this.

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