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Boris Madsen

Exchanging information

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Our practice - 15 people, 70% Mac, 30% PC - has been working with VW since

MC5. We focus both on urban as well as building design. As the need of

exchanging files with consultants, etc, increased on the last 2 years, and

as absolutely each and every single consultant - be it structural, HVAC,

lighting designers - uses AutoCAD, we've got to a crossroad. To my regret,

we're seriously considering moving from VW to AutoCAD.

I would like to hear from other people what their experiences regarding the

usage of Mac/VW among a 'non-friendly' environmnt have been like. VW seems

quite good for me, but people at our practice that are more intensively

involved with final drafting and exporting/importing procedures, such as jr

architects and draftspeople, mention that there's a great deal of time lost in it.

Please do let me know your views on the subject!

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Hi Boris,

I do not get dominated by Autodesk or by Bill Gates and I have nothing on my hard disk from one or the other. I have several Clients with AutoCad seats and their do not mind my VW drawings. Some use VW now, as their have seen my work.

As long as I deliver excellence nobody cares what tools I use. However I do not have to take care about staff. This is just a one guy operation.

Generally I refuse to deliver drawings in DXF format because this is ?my work? which is not ripped to bits by an archaic limiting format which is not even able to recognise the ISO standard. I use PDF extensively for communication over email.



Melbourne, Australia

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the reality here in America is that in order to be competative, you must be compatible. this doen't mean in anyway the you must use AutoCad to produce drawings. here, at the firm i work for, we deal with this in one of two ways.

1) for those who need to print the file is given a plot file or a PDF file of the Cad document.

2) for those who need a Cad file (i.e.- contract requires us to funrish them or a consultant needs our file to do their work), we provide an AutoCad document.

the process to do either of these is much less expensive than a) the cost difference of the software, b) the time effectivness of the software, c) the usefulness of the software. all of which VW wins, hands down.

don't be fooled by industry blindness in using AutoCad. government contracts are being awarded to firms who don't use Windows or AutoCad.

if you need help in achieving this type of compatibility, all you have to do is ask and most here will be glad to help, including myself.

hope this helps.

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