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Trigonometry Question?

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This question is not strictly a VW question but I am hopefully going to use it for a Worksheet in VW.

Thinking along the lines of the "line" tool.

If I know the X displacement and the Y displacement of two objects how do I find the length between them if I dont know the angle.

In other words with the line tool If I draw a line at an angle I can look in the OIP and see that it is X long by Y high, I can then switch to polar mode and see that it is at L length and A angle.

If this polar mode wasn't available what equation would you use to work out the length from only the XY co-ordinates of the start position and the XY coordiantes of the end of the line.

Its been awhile since high school and cant remember how to do this.

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Have got an equation, dont know if it is of use to anyone else.

Have dropped two 2D loci on a page and named one "a" and one "b" for the purpose of what I am explaining.

Cell A2 = XCENTER((N='a'))


Cell A5 = YCENTER((N='a'))


Cell B2 = XCENTER((N='b'))


Cell B5 = YCENTER((N='b'))


Cell A1 =((A2-B2)^2)^0.5


Cell A4 =((A5-B5)^2)^0.5


Cell C2 = ((A1^2)+(A4^2))^0.5


All this basically tells me the length between 2D loci "a" and 2D loci "b" is 921.954

Dont know if any of that makes dense to others :)

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I think thats basically what the above does but I have added an equation to make the result of XCentre - XCentre and YCentre - YCentre a Positive.

For example:

700-800 = -100

(-100^2)^.5 = +100

I know this is sorted out in the end line of the equation anyway but I need the results of the individual equations for something else.

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