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Custom Symbols for all DWGS

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I have figured out how to create a custom symbol associated with a specific drawing, however, I want to get a custom symbol available in all drawings by placing it in: VW/Toolkit/Mechanical Engineering/Symbols/Symbols_GeomD&T.mcd/GeoTolSyms/

Is there a way I can do this?

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The resource palette can access symbols, scripts, etc. ("resources," hence the name) in any file you can navigate to. So yes, you can certainly put your symbol in the Symbols_GeomD&T.mcd file if you like. Just open the target file, use the resource palette to navigate to the file that contians the symbol, select the symbol, and place an instance in the target file. You can then use the resource palette's Move button to put it in whichever symbol folder you like.

I'd encourage you to create your own library of symbols separate from the toolkit files. That way, as we update the toolkit, you can feel free to apply the update without worrying that it'll wipe out your own additions. Otherwise, you'll have to search through all the toolkit files yourself and extract your own symbols before updating.

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I must concur with Caleb about creating a separate folder. I cannot stress enough how important it is to save files and folders of drawings and symbols outside of the main VectorWorks folder, or at least keeping a duplicate folder with these items in them as you would any created templates.

You always run the risk of having to trash and reinstall your preferences and programs where computers are involved. Don't lose your hard work due to this.

Always back-up your files. In tech support we have had far too many customers lose files because they became corrupted or the computer crashed and they did not have a backup. Many times the only solution is to remove preferences or even the entire program to fix a problem. If you store data inside the program folder you will have to remove or copy them anyway.

Visit URL=http://www.nemetschek.net/support/technotes/HT_Remove_Prefs.htm]http://www.nemetschek.net/support/technotes/HT_Remove_Prefs.htm[/url] for more information regarding how to trash preferences .

When new preferences are created for the first time, save a copy of them so that if you ever need to do so again you simply need to put the copy back into VW and have all of your preferences/serial numbers intact.


Brian O

Nemetschek North America

Technical Support Specialist

[This message has been edited by Brian O (edited 10-19-2000).]

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I use a custom template to begin all my drawings. In it I have saved my scale and layer preferences and the like as well as custom folders for the symbols I have created and/or use most often. I open the template, give the drawing a name, save the new drawing and the template is left intact. When I want to save a new symbol in the template I import it into the template and save the template again. I often find other customizations that I save in the template as well. You can back up this template just as you would any drawing.

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