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Line with X's on? (silly question)

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I seek a line with an x at each end, and x's spaced (reasonably) regularly along the length that are tied to the line and that all behaves like a line.

Is there a script someone's written? An easier way than making an x and duplicating it along the length of the line, and then grouping all the bits together? A hidden x-line type?

I sorta think I had one back in v.9 or 10, after poking at the dashed line editor for ages... but I've forgotten if/how that happened.

Thanks much...


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There is a tool to do just what you want but it doesn't seem to have been originally optimized for a fence, judging by its scale. Make a polyline to represent the path. With it selected, go to Modify>Objects from Polyline. Select Repetitive Unit.

Choose your symbol from the OIP. Choose Misc. Choose Site Fence. As you will see, the scale is all wrong. Play with the pitch to get the spacing you want. Ungroup and dbl click on an X to get to an editing pane where you can then set the text size. After having done all this, it may have been faster to build it from scratch.

More on this subject here:

Convert to Lines #25 (scroll to find)


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Ok. I've had better luck making my own x symbol.

The scale isn't the issue... I'm happy to mess with the scale of the symbol. Un-grouping the repetitive object thing takes me back to the group-of-a-million-objects that I'm trying to avoid.

I'll cope without the x at each end of the line... since it's a symbol, I can just add 'em as needed.

Thanks for your help. :)

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me either... ?

Gerard, can you post a more specific link or search term?

Thanks. :)

Edited by Joz

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If anyone else is trying to make a line with x's, I'll let you know I successfully made the repetitive unit tool work fine. Do not ungroup the line after creation. In order to easily change the way it looks, just edit the symbol that you chose to repeat. Use the 'pitch' field on the OIP to adjust the spacing along the line. Presto, problem-o solve-o

the address below is a print screen with two repetitive unit lines that i joined at a right angle. As you can see, the left line has more spacing (15') than the right line (5'), AND the X that is repeating has a box behind it (I edited myself) to created a 'break' in the line. The box has no outline, but it does have fill.

With this method, the line is still a repetitive unit object and not a billion different pieces.


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