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point PIO and Linear PIo

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I have a Point PIO that is behaving so far.

I want to add a Linear PIO into it to finish the script.

All lengths and parameters of the linear PIO are obtained thru the point PIO parameters. How does one call a linear PIO into a point PIO. I have tried numerous way but i get nothing but really hard crashes. I'm not really sure what calls to make and how to set the parameters of the Linear PIO correctly.

My code is working with original PIO file I have been using to build the tool, BUT, if I attempt to create a fresh version... kaboom.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

If more Info is needed I can supply that too.

Thanks in Advance

Jeff Miller

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Hi Jeff,

These are the test code that there is LinearPIO in PointPIO.

Please draw PointPIO, after registering PointPIO to Tool Palette.

LinearPIO need not be registered.

<< PointPIO: Point-Plug-in Object >>


LPIO_Name: {LPIO-Name = 'LinearPIO'}

LPIO_Text: {LPIO-Text}

ControlPoint01X, ControlPoint01Y: {LPIO-StartPoint}

ControlPoint02X, ControlPoint02Y: {LPIO-EndPoint}

procedure PointPIO;
h	:handle;
lng, rot	:real;
v	:vector;
Locus(0, 0);

v.X:= pControlPoint02X - pControlPoint01X;
v.Y:= pControlPoint02Y - pControlPoint01Y;
lng:= Norm(v);
rot:= Vec2Ang(v);
h:= CreateCustomObject(pLPIO_Name, pControlPoint01X, pControlPoint01Y, rot);
if h <> nil then begin
	SetRField(h, pLPIO_Name, 'LineLength', Num2Str(-1, lng));
		SetRField(h, pLPIO_Name, 'MyText', pLPIO_Text);

<< LinearPIO: Lenear-Plug-in Object (in PointPIO) >>


MyText: {LPIO-Text}

procedure LinearPIO;
MoveTo(0, 0);
LineTo(pLineLength, 0);

TextOrigin(pLineLength/2, 0);
if pMy_Text <> '' then

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