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VW08 export to DWG broken

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VW2008 R2 (83388) on Win XP

When I try to export several .vwx files to .dwg the associated hatches & images will export, but the drawing itself is more often than not (5 of 7) missing from the newly-created folders. I've tried it several times, but no usable DWGs. PDFs export properly.

I noticed that during the export process under "Save As Type" the only options are "ALL" or the filename of the .vwx drawing being exported. What's up with that? In VW 12 under Save As Type it lists "AutoCAD DWG".

Is this a known bug? Will it be fixed in an incremental release after Build 83388?

In the meantime, how can I export my VW2008 files to DWG for my client to use? VW12 exports OK, but it won't do the Design Layer viewports.

PS---I tried exporting to DXF, and it worked, but "Save As Type" still shows the current filename instead of AutoCAD DWG as an option.

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After turning off the Norton Script Blocking, VW2008 continued to give the "internal error" message during export to DWG. Each time I had to reopen the file before I could continue. I have had no further error messages from the video graphics card, after that one event.

With no other viable option, I exported to VW12 and then to DWG. VW12 had no problem exporting to DWG. So, I conclude that this problem is a bug in 2008, not a video card or motherboard problem. Unfortunately, the VP on DL didn't import properly, so I'm just hoping the client never actually opens these DWG files.

Since I have already wasted an enormous amount of un-reimbursed time on this and other 2008 glitches, I hope someone else will submit this as a bug. Thanks.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Does the "internal error" message appear always you try to export a document to DWG, or it happens for a specific document?

If it happens for a specific document, would you, please, send it directly to me?


Nina Ivanova


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