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VW 12.5.3 Updater - "Resource Manager Error"



In attempt to update VW 12.0.0 to VW 12.5.3 with the updater, I receive a "Resource Manager Error"

These are my installation steps:

1. I'm updating Application Version: 12.0.0.; Series A license; products include Fundamentals, Architect, Renderworks

2. downloaded "Updater installer for 12.0 or 12.0.1 Macintosh (revised 11/09/2007): 318.1 MB found at http://www.nemetschek.net/downloads/fundamentals/version12/12.5.3.php

3. created a back-up copy of my "VectorWorks 12.0.0" folder

4. mounted the "UpdateToVW1253.dmg" file

5. read the "read me" file

6. opened the "Update VectorWorks.app" file

7. went through "Authenticate, Read Me, Licence, Agree to Terms" steps

8. selected "VectorWorks 12.0.0" folder to be the destination folder to be updated to 12.5.3

9. installation window runs for approximately 15 minutes

10. window popped up "The installation completed successfully" with an "OK" tab on the window. Clicked "OK"

11. open "applications" folder

12. open the newly updated "Vectorworks 12.0.0." folder

13. the "get info" command on "VectorWorks.app" file shows Version 12.5.3. (80532)

14. open this "VectorWorks.app" and a window opens saying "Resource Manager Error"

15. upon clicking "OK" tab, another window opens saying "VectorWorks could not be launched because of an unidentified critical error. Check that you have enough memory."


1. My backup copy of Vectorworks 12.0.0 still works. All other applications work fine. Computer works fine. No problems at all.

2. I ran into this same problem a year ago in trying to update 12.0.0 to 12.5.1. Nemetschek ended up sending me a disk copy of the update to use. That did not work as well, so I've been using 12.0.0 ever since.

3. My colleagues have not had any update problems, however, I'm the only one on the iMac Intel Core Duo

Any ideas? (let me know if you require any more information)


iMac4,1 Mac os x 10.5.1, 2 GHz, Intel Core Duo, 2 GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM, SMC Version 1.1f5

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I would first try moving your user data folder to another location, so that a new one will be created. Try this out, sometimes errors occur because of problems in the user files.

Alternatively, you could always copy one of the updated folders from the application directory of a coworker's machine. It will make use of your settings.

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The "Vectorworks 12.5.3" folder in my "Applications" folder does not contain a "user data" folder, nor does my "Vectorworks 12.0.0" folder (my Vectorworks 12.0.0 application works).

My coworkers do not have a "user data" folder in their Vectorworks application folder and their applications are working fine. One coworker is working on v12.5.3 and another on 12.5.1

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Guest jkelly

Oh, my apologies, I meant to say under your Users folder. The full path is /Users/mjb/Library/Application Support/VectorWorks (assuming mjb is your username on your machine).

Move this to a different location, and try running VectorWorks.

Again, my apologies for pointing you in the wrong direction.

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