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VectorWorks Viewer for iPhone


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How useful is ANY format CAD drawing on a 3.5 inch screen?

Now put VW Viewer on an iPAD or whatever they'll call a Newton replacement, then sure - great for meetings instead of lugging your laptop around. Especially with one of those micro projectors...[ this is more Fantasy List than Wish List... ;-) ]

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Yeah, agreed, fantasy wishlist, especially with the current VectorWorks viewer being (I presume) a Carbon app.

About the 3.5 inch screen, however, I think this is mitigated by the resolution and the ability to zoom in with the stroke of a finger. Imagine wandering about a site and being able to dip into your pocket and pull out your detail drawings, etc.

I've seen an article somewhere about an ArchiCAD office using PDFs on an iPhone to do just this, which is another way to go (I think they actually viewed them online rather than directly on their iPhones). The beauty of having a VW viewer, however, is that you could throw on your work in progress drawings without having to PDF them.

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I think this would be an invaluable tool in the field for quick adjustments and viewing a plan on the run. This would also be nice so my other designers could update a plan and I could see the changes realtime. This would make Mac not only a great design platform but excellent for Enterprise in the design markets, Total integration, GO GO GO!

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