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University Student - Need help

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Hi guys, i'm currently in a vectorworks class, working on a presentation. I was wondering if there was any way to convert a view into just lines. Convert to lines converts everything to lines, even the 3d, so you end up having to delete everything underneath.

I've heard of sheet layers, but i don't know how to use those. Any way to convert a floor plan (0) directly into an outline or just a simple shape so i can edit it without it being a pain?

Thanks guys.

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If you are really wanting to print your Top/Plan view, just issue a Print command.

You may need to clarify exactly what it is you're trying to make to help us help you.

Sheet layers are easy to make. If you are happy with your Top/Plan View, just go to View and Create Viewport. It will enclose the entire drawing area unless you drag out a smaller polygon around part of your work. Name this Viewport. Look for the "Create on Layer" pull down menu there and select "New Sheet Layer". Give it a name.

VectorWorks doesn't like it when you give Design Layers, Viewports and Sheets the same name. I try to keep the same name by using the trick of adding a different suffix to each. Thus my Main Floor design layer, when made into a Viewport, is labeled Main Floor VP (for Viewport) and the Sheet I create from that is labeled Main Floor Sheet, at least until I can get back to it and give it a number.

Now that you have a Viewport deposited on a sheet, you can pull it around to better compose your page. And if your original Design Layer changes, this Sheet view will update too.

Convert Copy to Lines works well for sections and elevations although the Stack Layers tool (and Section Viewport) has the important benefit of delivering a live, updatable model, vs dead lines. But knowing how to do both is best.

If you do create a 3D model using the Model View tool (Vs. Stack Layers), make a Layer to receive the linework created when you render the 3D model (Hidden Line) and then issue the Convert Copy to Lines command. Once generated, send the "copy" to this new Elevations layer by using the Object Info palette. Ungroup and edit away.

If you are interested in creating 3D elevations, here is a great how-to by Peter Cipes from the Techboard RenderWorks folder:


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