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Scale patterns

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I am really new to vectorworks and am trying to figure out how to edit or scale existing patterns? I have figured out how to scale hatches but can't seem to figure out how to do it for patterns. Sorry if this question is answered elsewhere, I just couldn't find it.

Also, when you create a class with a pattern and a pen style, is there any way to make pattern fills a certain lineweight and the bounding pen a different lineweight? For instance if I use the rectangle tool and I want the rectangle boundaries to be .25 lineweight and the pattern fill inside to consist of lines that are .05 lineweight so that the fill will be thinner than the outline?



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Patterns are not editable as far as I know. Furthermore they don't scale.

I would recommend you not to use patterns unless you are sure you will never rescale any part of the drawing.

Try the "tile tool" instead. It's not easy to handle, but at least it scales and you can choose both colours and line weights.

It's based on symbols (create your own) reproduced as patterns within a polygone.

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