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Drawing property line coordinates

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VW's has a property line tool that does a great job, you may need Landmark or the Designer series of VW's. I draw a lot of site plans for a retired surveyor and wouldn't consider the work without this tool.

The only flaw is it's inability to draw just one property line, as it wants to close the "loop". I draw the line I need and another to create the closed boundry the tool requires, ungroup the result and delete what you don't need. You'll also have to decompose the actual property line as it's a polygon.

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Any ideas for a reasonable (or understandable) method of drawing property lines from the typical coordinates on a deed (ie: Northeast 44 degrees, 24 minutes, 30 seconds)?


1st, that would be N44˚24'30"E, right?

I personally don't like the PL tools in VWA since curves are very tough to define in a dialogue box if they are not tangent to a preceding line. Instead I assemble the geometry from a bunch of lines and arcs. For your example above, draw a vertical line of the required length, and using the rotate dialogue (double tap "R"), enter "-44d24m24s".

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