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Export DWG: internal error ocurred



VW2008 in Windows XP

I tried to export some files to DWG for the first time in VW08. Each time the operation would halt and the tool palettes would go blank. I replaced the WorkSpace backup file several times, which restored the palettes, but didn't fix the crash. I have tried various export options including DXF.

In Windows Event Viewer under Applications, I found over a hundred error messages within two minutes. the message was apparently generated by my video graphics card. I recently replaced the video card, because VW was locking up and crashing a lot with the old one. Apparently, VW still doesn't play well with ATI or nVIDIA CAD graphics cards.

The messsage doesn't make any sense to me, so I'm hoping some of the techies here can figure out what went wrong. In VW the error message was: "an internal error ocurred". Not very informative. In Event Viewer the video card message said: "shared heap exhausted or damaged. Local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer". I'm not on a network and I don't have a server, so this doesn't make any sense to me. Does VW use "shared heaps" in shared memory?

Over a hundred red ERROR symbols sounds like a serious problem, and I'd like to know what it is. Meanwhile, I am unable to export to DWG from VW08, and I can't go back to VW12, because I'm using design layer viewports. So I'm stuck with a due date and spinning wheels. Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated.

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This sort of solidifies my notes a week or so ago with respect to another post of yours on errors in VectorWorks. I think you have some sort of bad hardware in the system, whether it's the card slot on the motherboard or the motherboard itself. Or the hard drive has bad sectors. The new video card may not be compatible with the current motherboard or BIOS, as I've previously mentioned.

Have you called NVIDIA to ask them what this message means (about the exhausted heap)?

That is generally a hardware error in connection somewhere between the video card hardware through to the video driver connectivity with the OS.

I strongly suspect the problems you are having with VectorWorks stem outside of VW, and are exclusive to something about your hardware configuration.

These are not common, nor expected behaviors of VW on a smooth operating computer.

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Thanks for your response. You and others have been telling me for several years that my VW lockup and crashing problems are probably caused by the video card. So I finally bought a new video card. It works fine with all my apps, except VW. Both cards were designed specifically for CAD applications instead of gaming.

I have added memory, and I have tested the memory. I have extensively tested the hard drive. I'm running out of hardware options. The next step will be to trash my computer, which is great for everything except CAD. Maybe I'll get a MAC next time. Do they have fewer problems with VW?

After that, If I still have crashes and lockups in VW, I guess I'll have to make the ultimate hardware configuration change, and trash the operator. Any suggestions for a replacement?

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Per your post after installing the new card, I posted a note about the card not working with the motherboard, or the board is bad, or a slew of other things could be causing the problem. I don't think VectorWorks is the cause, especially by the nature of the error messages.

I don't think trashing the operator is necessary. Have you ever tried installing VW on a different computer (maybe a friend or neighbor or family member)?

At some point, computers can't be upgraded. Old motherboards and new hardware don't typically play well together.

Did you ever contact NVIDIA about the errors you were receiving?

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Like many hardware manufacturers, NVIDIA passes on the support responsibility to their regional subs, who in-turn make it as difficult as possible to get a straight answer to a non-FAQ technical question. Not all computer companies are as supportive as NNA. I eventually gave-up, and posted a specific question about the error message on The Tech Support Guy forum. Thanks for your support.

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