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Export Worksheet with DXF

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Is it possible to export a worksheet with a dxf file? I tried to but the work sheet is gone when you open the DXF. Is there a way to explode a worksheet so it is lines and text, I know convert to lines, or convert to polygons dosent work.

any help is appreciated

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If you are working on a Mac here is a workarourd that does what you need.

First copy your worksheet to the "clipboard". Now leave VW and open the application "scrapbook" (found on the Apple menu). Paste your worksheet into the scrapbook. Now cut the worksheet from the scrapbook (command-X). Return to VW and paste your worksheet into your drawing. It will appear as individual lines and text blocks plus a background polygon (which I usually delete). I perform this little dance everytime I need to export a worksheet.

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