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"UnSymbol" Symbols

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I am creating some window and door details using dwg's from manufacturers. I am doing a bit of processing on these files first. I am re-assigning all objects to the "none" class so I can delete all of their extraneous classes (I don't want all of that junk in my project files).

However, I also want to get rid of all of the symbols in the file as well, individual screws, flashings, parts, etc, that are present in their dwg's. I don't want a bunch of extraneous sybmol objects cluttering my project resource browser. I just want to "UnSymbol" these symbols, similar to how we "ungroup" groups. I tried selecting the symbols in the drawing and "Convert to lines," but that doesn't work. I know I can Edit symbol and copy the line-work, paste that back into the drawing and then delete the symbol definition from the resource browser, but there are dozens of these, quite a time sucker...

Any advice for "unsymboling" symbols quickly?

Thanks picture27pm0.png

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another approach

in vw2008

you can assign a prefix to classes when you import an acad file

which will create a subclass so it it does not clutter the classes pull down menu

i.e windows-screws



and in the RB create a folder in the symbols category

call it windows and move all the windows pieces to the new folder

which will unclutter our main RB window

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  • 12 years later...

I just converted a symbol to (all sub-objects), which did exactly what I was hoping for.  But now it is permanently "selected" (highlighted).  I even deleted the entire group/object and there is still an orange box on the screen that cannot be selected or deselected or moved, etc...


What happened, what did I do?


I have stair tread assembly as a symbol, but at the landing the construction is a little different so I just want to edit that tread without changing all the rest of the symbols.


Thanks for your help

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 2.41.27 PM.png

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Well I just solved my own problem, but I'd like to know what happened?


I converted a different instance of the same symbol to Group but this time I selected "Don't convert all sub-objects".  Now it works as I expected without the permanent-selection box.  


What is the difference?  what happened?

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