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Sheet viewport stops rendering correctly and generally becomes unresponsive

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I have a sheet with a number of sheet viewports. A couple are behaving very oddly. These are the more complex ones - isometric views with final polygon render and a class property override.

After a while, when a change in someway is made to the viewport, the viewport indicates that it needs updating. On updating, the render will not do anything other than wireframe and, when clicking inside the viewport to select, it fails to select it - I need to drag a marque around it to select it and I cannot double click the viewport.

The only way out seems to be deleting the viewport and starting again. Trouble is, I'm now in need to annotate it so recreating it will be more of a pain.

The class property override is setting a material to be 50% opaque. It is after doing this that the odd behaviour seems to start. It would appear to be stable up to that point.

Any suggestions? Possibly this is a bug.

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some thoughts no specific solutions

check which version of Quicktime you are running

and then try using OpenGL rendering

since you have renderworks why would you not use Fast Renderworks?

and make sure all your VP's are set to None Class

that way it is not a class visibility problem

usually a VP only needs updating if there is a change to the design layer

if all things are set in the design layer you can use

Cache Viewport in the Document setting

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Thanks for the help. I recreated the viewport and it all settled back down however I will take on board having the viewport class set as none in future.

I don't think it was this as I was working with class visibilities set as view/snap/modify others and I had specifically selected the default class to match the viewport. I have my suspicions that it occurred to the view ports that I had cut/pasted from a different sheet layer (ran out of space on the sheet) and that once I had created them fresh on the correct sheet they didn't misbehave after that.

I see someone has a similar/same issue:


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