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snaps in 3D space


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Hi everybody,

I've been reading the posts on the solid modeling forum to learn some 3D modeling techniques to build architectural models.

I've tried the method Islandmon posted on another thread - extrude a polygon along a path, and save as a symbol. I've also used the extrude command from the "model" menu. Both techniqes have given me the shape I wanted, but placing them accurately in 3D space has been difficult.

I can use the 3D move command to place an object if I know or can calculate the correct coordinates. But I can't get one object to snap to another in a 3D view. I've tried placing 3D loci at the corners of the symbols I've created (tried both hybrid and 3D symbols), but still no reliable snaps. They appear to snap to loci, but after rotating you can see that the objects are not actually touching.

So, is there a way to snap to objects in 3D? If not, is there at least a way to restrict movement to one direction at a time to help place objects manually?

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