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macbook air numeric keypad?


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The numeric keypad shortcut to views is an integral part of Vectorworks use by many, and its omission will be a major annoyance to many of them. The problem could be overcome by the inclusion of a Views palette like this one which InteriorCAD had for VW 12. I used it all the time on both my laptop and desk computer.

It is a simple but very user friendly solution that wouldn't be too hard too implement.

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There are also many independent 21 key numeric pads for sale at very reasonable prices. Would be less than lugging around a whole keyboard and great to have at your desk. Google "external numeric keypads" and see what pops up.

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You are not alone! I also have a brand new MacBook Pro, and while working in VW for the first time on the new machine, I was shocked that the numerical key pad was not there.

There is a fix that will restore the numerical key pad system-wide (not just for VW).

There is an app called "KeyRemap4MacBook" (http://pqrs.org/macosx/keyremap4macbook/).

It is a free download. All I had to do was download it and install it. I didn't even have to open the app. It installs in the System Preferences under the "Other" section. It is a pretty powerful remapping tool, so I'm too scared to play with it. Since just loading it restored the number keypad, I'm happy.

I will warn you that the website is a little hard to follow (it seems the developer is Japanese and that the site is written in more technical talk than I can follow).

I generally avoid apps that make system changes, but since the number keypad is so important to the way I work in VW, I took a chance. I haven't had any issues with the install or with other oddities since downloading and installing it.

Good luck!

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What do you mean the Fn key functionality is missing? I am looking at the apple site and I see the key right there. Maybe in your system setup the Function Keys are shut off? Are you aware that you can turn it on in System Preferences > Keyboard? I am quite reliant on the function keys myself.

I'd be curious to know if this is just a software issue or if physically there is some difference with the keyboard of the MBA, other than smaller Fn keys as I have read. I am thinking about buying one but want to know how it performs.

In my experience new mac installs come with the function keys turned off so that more novice users can take advantage of the Expose features, etc. Maybe it's just that.

I look forward to hearing your reply.

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The Fn key is still there, but on the new MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, [Fn] + [m] does not make "0, [Fn] + [j] does not make "1", [Fn] + [k] does not make "2", etc. There is no numerical key pad. The only way to enter numbers (without additional hardware or without an additional remapping app) is to use the number keys along the top of the keyboard.

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My old Powerbook has little numbers on the letter keys for the number pad/function modifier setup. Since then, I'm relying on KeyRemap4MacBook 6.9.0, which works well with the MB Pro/MacOSX.6. I may need to print out a diagram to see where the numbers are, though.

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