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DWG Exports and Scaling....... more and again

Brian J Poole


I have read through all the threads of DWG exporting from VW2008 and have not found the solution to my problem. I am exporting from VW2008 on a Mac and handing the DWG file off to the people I am freelancing for. Their are a few problems like text generated from PIO's such as the callout tool or the elevation benchmark tool being rotated or upside down or in the wrong place or a combination of these. But the bigger problem is that when they open my drawing, everything looks fine (if I convert to groups and un-group EVERYTHING), but when they copy from my DWG file and then paste into their DWG file, everything comes in the wrong size. My units are set to the same units they are using. My DWG file has the same units as their DWG file. I even set my design layer to 1:1 scale hoping that this might fix the problem. It did not.

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... everything comes in the wrong size.
Can you elaborate on this? Does everything change size by the same factor? If so, what is that factor? If not, is there any pattern, such as certain types of objects changing by a certain factor?

Can you post a dwg file or a screenshot to show what you mean?

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If I do not convert all symbols and PIO's then everything scales the same. If I do not, some PIO's are pasted at the correct size and everything else is too small. The factor is exactly 1000. We have tried converting to groups and ungrouping (exploding) and also have tried exporting without doing this. Nothing seems to change what we are experiencing. We even tried changing the units from Meters to Millimeters. Did not effect what we are experiencing what so ever. I can't post a screen shot but basically everything that is pasted is 1000 times too small. I think it is a setting in the AutoCAD file or session...... the AutoCAD guys say it is my file. I think it is the AutoCAD settings or setting in the AutoCAD file that they are pasting into because when they open my DWG file in AutoCAD, everything is the correct scale and size.

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I don't have VW2008 so this may not correct your problem - however I have noticed that when exporting or importing in VW12.5 using default settings the imported or exported file is sent out using the VW imperial default - it does not matter which setting the file was set up in. You therefore need to custom export or import using 1:1 scale and selecting millimetres as your selected export option.

I hope this helps but maybe not?

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