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Convention for class use in symbols?

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I'm still relatively new to VW and am starting to get deeper into use of symbols.

It seems like there are two possible conventions with regard to use of classes in symbol:

1. Draw everything in the None class, create the symbol, and place the symbol in the class with which you intend to use to control visibility.

2. Draw everything in the class with which you intend to control visibility, create the symbol, and then place the symbol in the none class.

EIther of these appear to allow the same control of visibility but 2 allows line-weight to be controlled by class.

It seems like most of the symbols that come with VW use method 1. I suppose that this is fine (except that controlling line-weight is a bit cumbersome) but the PIOs appear to draw directly in the "correct" class so line-weights wind up kind of weird sometimes. If I place some of the Knoll furniture in one room and then use the table PIO, I wind up with different line-weights.

So, how do you all do it?

Do you use method 1 or 2? Or is there another method that I haven't thought of yet.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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the one thing you have to consider

is that when you use "active class only" to look at a layout

and you have a symbols with numerous classes the symbols will not show up even thought the symbols is inserted on the class i.e. None

and all the items inside the symbol are on different classes

as for the above methods they are both OK

it depends on what you want to do with the symbol

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I don't use either methods, I do the following:

All of the components are in a class that controls the attributes for that object. The symbol itself will be in a class for controlling visibility. When I want some parts of the symbol not showing all the time, I make a group of these parts and put them in a class for controlling visibility. So I can for example put the class of these parts of, and the symbol will look different.

You should look at symbols as they are containers like groups for other objects but with the difference that they can put in to the drawing multiple times.

Only put something in the none class when the attributes and the visibility of that object should never be changed.

At the end, it all depends on how you want to draw and how you need to edit your drawing in viewports.

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