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Tutorial Manual for VectorWorks Landmark 2008 Now Available


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archoncad has released its Landmark tutorial manual and CD-ROM for Vectorworks 2008, an upgrade to the version for VectorWorks 12. The tutorial manual features a series of projects designed to teach landscape professionals how to use the major parts of VectorWorks Landmark, the landscaping module of VectorWorks. The tutorial starts with a simple project learning the fundamentals of placing plants and hard landscaping. The projects progress to an advanced project with 3D site, building, roads and planting. The manual uses structured tutorial tasks supported by movies on the accompanying CD-ROM. This manual is recommended for entry- to mid-level VectorWorks users in the landscape profession.

The writer and director of archoncad, Jonathan Pickup, said ?when I first saw the improvements Nemetschek North America had made to the planting, I wanted to update my version 12 manual to teach others how easy it is to place plants and create and edit landscape plans. I think this manual teaches just how easy it is to use VectorWorks Landmark.?

For over a decade, archoncad has provided VectorWorks training in New Zealand through courses and on-site training and manuals. archoncad also sells its manuals over the internet at www.archoncad.com. Jonathan Pickup, the founder and director of archoncad, trained as an architect in New Zealand and the UK. For more information on this and other VectorWorks training guides and manuals, go to http://www.nemetschek.net/training/guides.php.

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