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New graphics card, new odd behavior

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VW2008, SP2, R3, build 83388, on Windows XP

Over the weekend I replaced my ATI Fire GL X1, 128MB, CAD/GL, video graphics card, because of some rare, but serious problems with VW over the last few years. For example, VW 12 had been crashing during fast, intense drawing sessions with lots of zooming and panning---and of course lots of lines drawn between saves, and short deadlines. NNA techs always put the blame on the video driver, but ATI is under new ownership, and no longer supports my four year old card. I haven't used VW2008 that intensely yet, but other minor, but frustrating screen-draw related problems have continued.

Last week, out of desperation, I decided to try a different video card to see if that would fix the graphics glitches. The new card is nVIDIA 3000FX, 256MB, CAD/GL graphics card, which is equivalent to the ATI except for twice the memory (and half the original $500 price). The driver is up to date as of 02/07/08.

Today I started using VW for the first time since the switch and began to note some new quirks and odd behavior. I opened VW for the first time from scratch with a blank document. After deleting the blank, I clicked on FILE to select a recently-opened drawing, and the whole VW window instantly disappeared. After I reopened VW, it again disappeared after a few seconds, but before I had a chance to click on anything. On the third try, VW stayed on the screen, but more annoyances awaited.

For example, after I paste an object, it is immediately de-selected. When I start to nudge an object, after a few shift/arrow clicks, a red warning in the info bar says "no objects are selected to nudge". I started to modify the WorkSpace to add some hotkeys. I added a new menu function, was told the key combo was already in use, so I deleted the new function---and the Workspace Editor itself instantly vanished, and the VW window was locked-up.

These glitches seem to be video card or driver related, but new hardware and software has only added new problems so far. So my question here is this: If VW doesn't play well together with two different graphics cards (designed specifically for CAD) what are my options now???? Does any of this sound familiar? Any helpful suggestions (or just sympathy) will be appreciated.

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Contact Tech Support directly on this issue. There could be a myriad of issues explaining this behavior.

One quick thing to try would be to turn off GDI imaging in VW prefs to see if the quirks continue.

On a more global level, you may have a bad graphics connection between the card and the motherboard, or the card may not be compatible with the motherboard, or the bus speed on the motherboard may not sync with the speed of the video card. These would all be things to explore, probably with the computer box manufacture.

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By installing a new graphics card, my intention was to eliminate all hardware issues. New card, new driver, same old squirrely behavior in VW. Now VW 12 and 13 are the only common denominator. Unless you count the Pentium processor and the Dell chassis, and they work fine with other apps.

I know, I know. I should have bought a Mac in the first place. but I still think it's a software issue.

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One mb ram?

A whole gb isn't enough if you're running Renderworks...you need two per Nemetchek.

A fragmented or corrupt disk can also contribute to these types of problems.

I would recommend running checkdisk and defrag on all drives if you haven't very recently.

I suspect it's more OS related than application related.

Since it's happening with two different cards I doubt it's a video hardware fault.

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