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Plant tool crash


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The new plant tool seemed to work quite fine, but now it has started to crash every time I try to use it. I used a few plant symbols, shipped with the package, with some light editing. VW crashes even with the default plant symbols.

Every time I try to edit the definition, it freezes. A popup seems to appear, but it is only as a (light blue) grid and I can't do anything at all. After pressing enter VW crashes.

I tried to copy all layers to a new blank document template and it seemed to work just fine, but when I started to really use it, it crashed immediately. It doesn't always even show the classic windows error popup.

Might this be due to the latest windows update?

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Problem solved!

I deleted all the modified plants and replaced them with new plant objects. It works now just fine.

I also loaded the latest sp2r3 update.

Still having one issue with plant tags:

I prefer to use custom plant tag "ID-Quantity" instead of "Quantity-ID". The problem is whem I edit the plant definition, the plant tag changes to blank, and I have to edit the plant definition and plant tag again.

Is there any workaround?

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I've had this problem too.

A new install on new campus computers. I can open 2008 create a new file, use the plant placement tool and in about 8 clicks VWorks will hang. This is using the default plant symbol in a fresh install on re-imaged PCs with the latest SP2...so I wouldn't expect there to be any modified plant symbols.

The local supplier thinks it because the latest graphics driver isn't installed....but I'm interested in learning any other fixes.

It could well be the lack of a standalone graphics card (with dual processors) is the main reason.

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