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AutoCad DWG problems

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I am trying to export to DWG to a blueprint shop to plot my drawings. I am having a couple of problems. 1. The text fields are all over the place and out of whack. 2. They say that it only wants to plot half of the file and that is it. 3. When I view in Adobe Illustrator, I lose all of my class colors.

Are there any fixes to these problems? Exporting to DWG is extremely important to the success of my utilization of Vectorworks. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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This is just a suggestion, but if you only want them to print the drawing you could give them a .plt (plot) file in HP GL-2 format. you can download the driver from hp on a PC, install it as another printer, and use the "print to file" option. For a mac you need "mac plot" or equal to generate the plot file. This should work for B&W but for color you may need a postscript printer, On a mac you need a RIP driver which you may be able to get from HP for their large format color plotters, on a PC I think you can use the Apple Laserwriter NTX driver which can be installed from the system.

I hope all this helps,

Keep in mind when you export a dwg all your layers are automatically converted to the same scale. This may explain why your text is all over.

Are you on a mac or PC?

Good Luck

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here at the company i work at, we do this all the time.

any print shop worth using can read HP/GL2 print files. create print files from your Mac and send the print files (.cmds extension) to the print shop. you will need to use something like MacPlot Pro (which we use) to create HP/GL2 print files.

run a few tests with the print shop (which they will do if they want your business). there will be at least 2 setting that the print shop will have to set on thier end. if they're using ReproDesk and Oce` plotters, the Merge setting will probably need to be "On" and the Transperancy setting will have to be "On" as well.

by the way, don't forget to turn off colors before creating the print files.

hope this helps.

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This definately does help. I will try this and I hope all will be well. Exporting for compatibility to the majority of the CAD world should be easier. I am new to VW and I am thrilled to no end that I can use my Powerbook to complete my designs instead of resorting to the "other" platform. I really appreciate all of the help on this board. Thanks again.

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