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2008 Crashing


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Anyone else having trouble with VW crashing? I'm working with large (10M+) files converted from DXFs. When I zoom in and out quickly, delete large chunks, step between classes quickly, it crashes. Maybe a memory buffer overflow? Anyone else have this problem?

I'm using a Macbookpro 2GHz, 2GB RAM OS 10.4.11


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10+mb is not a large file size!

DXF's are famous for having issues related to poor translation and/or programing.

You will probably eventually discover the discontinuities .. until then you will need to step thru the procedures and save frequently between operations.

If it is a complex file , using WGR will help to isolate offensive elements.

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My VW 2008 crashes under the same circumstances. I too am using a macbook pro with 10.5 and latest build of VW. I've found that once it starts crashing, it crashes over and over. I generally re-start my computer and it seems fine for a while. Otherwise, I have my autosave set for every minute, and report the problem to apple at every crash.

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