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Edit Design Layer from DL View Port

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VW2008 SP2 on Windows XP

In VW12 when I clicked in a Sheet Layer ViewPort to "Edit Design Layer" I was taken to the same location on that layer. Now in 2008, in a Design Layer Viewport, I am taken to some arbitrary location on the original Design Layer. then I have to zoom out and hunt around to get back to what I was looking for. Surely this is not the intended default behavior. Am I missing something?

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The Edit Viewport dialog has "display using VP attributes" checked. When I uncheck it, and then double click on the VP, the original design layer (at a different scale) is turned on along with the viewport design layer. This only confuses the issue.

Again, what I'm looking for is to go directly from drawing on the 1/16" Design layer with VP background to the same view on the original 1"= 20' Design layer that the VP was cropped from. I haven't yet figured out how to do that. Any ideas???

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