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Show/Snap/Modify Others for Design Layers not working


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Dear all,

Is there any reason at all why show/snap/modify others will not work? I could use that option earlier in the file but now it does not allow me (now) to snap/modify other design layers.(I can see other layers but cannot snap or modify other than the active layer).

The scales of these two design layers are the same. I do not have the grid constraints set to 'on'.

This happens to be a recurring problem. Prior to this, the only way I could solve it was to copy the entire file and paste it into a new one. I can't be doing this all the time, so I figured I should ask from some experts what (really) am I missing here?



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You can only snap to something if the Layer Options are set to Show/Snap Others, Class Options are set to Show/Snap Others, the scale of the layers are the same and the layers are in the same view.

Make sure that all the layers are in Top/Plan. You might want to check out the Align Layer Views command to switch everything to match the current layer.


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I was also having this problem. Couldn't select or snap to objects on another layer even though layer and class options were set to show/snap/modify others and the current view was "top/plan" with layer views aligned.

The problem was layers set to different scales. Set all layers to the same scale, and use viewports to get the scale you need for printing.

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