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problems with settings ie scales and dimension styles etc

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I am having a few problems regarding my settings. Having set up dimension styles they seem to revert back to a default setting in the middle of a drawing. What is the best way to set everything up to get a standard template for projects for the sake of continuity? I am also having problems with a title block that at the moment i am having to cut and paste. what is the best way to create a reference file with an editable title block that will not be affected by the change of scale of the drawing because at the moment i am having to copy and paste and so it assumes the scale of the design layer.

I am new to vectorworks so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You can put the title block on a sheet layer. If you want to work with design layers only, you could put the title block on a design layer that's at 1:1 scale, and put the drawings on other layers at the appropriate scales.

When you've got the template file the way you want it, use File > Save as Template. When you open it again later, VW will assume it's just a template and that you don't want to change the disk file unless you use Save as Template again. When you try to Save normally, it'll prompt for the new file name.

The Dimension Standard that will be used when creating new dimension objects is the one that's selected in the Dimensions tab of Document Preferences (File > Preferences > Document Preferences). That same tab has an option for creating custom dimension standards and editing any new or existing custom standards (but not the built-in ones). Dimension standards are stored in the drawing file, so you might want to include any that you'll need in your template file. The same is true of hatches. Alternatively, you can import them from another drawing file using the Resource Browser.

When you edit a custom dimension standard, any dimension objects that use it are automatically updated. You can view and/or change the dimension standard used by the currently selected object(s), in the Object Info palette. The objects are automatically updated to the new standard.

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Thanks for the advice, I have created a design layer @ 1:1 scale and have assigned the selected title block to this layer, however when i try to scale down the text to 1:1 size it only does part of it. The part that scales down ok is a the company graphic that i presume was just imported into vectorworks and is not editable, except it seems for scaling, the other parts of the block do not want to scale down. there are no lines or boxes, only two simple line of text but when i attempt the same procedure as carried out on the graphic it just jumps to the right.

Also, i am setting up the template so it covers all the main scales, but had noticed that the graphic block changes to a grey rectangle when on a different layer and prints like this, also the weight of the other layers is reduced. If you could tell me what i am doing wrong as there are obviously going to be instances where i need to set up a page with one drawing @ 1:50 and one @ 1:5 etc each on different design layers and i need them to print the same!

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated!

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You have to check the "Scale Text" box in the Scale Objects window.

I would put the bitmap image and the rest of the title block all on a single 1:1 design layer and use it for all drawing sheets, regardless of the scale(s) of the drawings on the other design layer(s) that make up each sheet. If you want another title block for printing on a smaller sheet of paper, I would create another 1:1 design layer for that.

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