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Auto Opening Blank Document


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Switching to Vectorworks from any other open application, when I don't have any drawings open, always creates a new blank document. I find this very annoying but can't find a way to make it quit.

No other Mac applications acts this way, is there something I'm missing?

Any help would be appreciated!

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I tried to recreate this on a MacBook running Leopard with OS and VW 2008 up-to-date. I switched using Command + Tab and it didn't work, but indeed when I clicked on the VW icon in the Dock, VW opened a new blank doc. That's messy...

On a possibly related note, is it possible to have VW launch without opening a new blank doc, or maybe specify a doc to open? I'm sure most people usually work on existing docs much more frequently than starting new ones.


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No other Mac applications acts this way, is there something I'm missing?

Actually, the newer apps do act that way. Pages and Numbers from the iWork suite both open new windows each time you click them in the dock.

It is very annoying.

I don't understand why they don't make it an option in preferences.

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I've got the latest iWork but I haven't used it enough to notice that it does this too.

I agree, mostly I too work on existing drawngs but even when I need to start a new one I don't want a totally blank 8 1/2 x 11 sheet with one layer at 1/4" scale.

I don't think I've opened a totally blank document since the first time I launched MiniCad 2.0. When I want to start a new drawing I open one of my own formated blank sheets with all my prefs, title block, layers, etc. already setup.

I can't think of any real use to open a totally blank document.

This just seems totally unMaclike.

If there's a preference to make it stop, I sure can't find it.

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