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Can someone please post a simple script that creates and extrudes a basic rectangle? I think that'd be a good place for me to begin to understand the structuring aspect of scripting. Also Is there a dictionary-type layout of all of the commands somewhere out there? Thanks.

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Here is a basic script to draw a rectangle and extrude it. It also sets the view to left Isometric so you can see the extrude.

Procedure MakeBox;

var X1,Y1,Z1:Real; {define the variables}


X1:=120; {Set the value for the variables}

Y1:=120; {120 = 12 inches x 10 feet}


BeginXtrd(0,Z1); {Start makeing the 3D object}

Rect(0,0,X1,Y1); {Draw the rectangle to extrude}


DoMenuTextByName('Standard Views',9); {Set the view to Left Iso}


Run(MakeBox); {required at end of procedure. Name must match}


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