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problems with the vectorscript editor

John Gr

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I have been having a lot of problems with the vectorscript editor.

The Parameters Order Column is not showing a Proper sequence of numbers.

The Numbering starts at 1 then 13, 14, 15, 16 ......... on all PIOs.

When i try to drag and drop the Parameter order Vectorworks crashes or displays blank and random values in the Editor.

If i run the PIO i get an error the saying there are Parameters missing.

This Problem also occurred in Version 12.0.

In version 12.0 I could add parameters to a PIO but couldn?t change the order else I would have the same results as now.

I have been using VW2008 for the last couple of months without this problem thinking that the bug had been removed.

I have been doing a lot of development lately and this has stopped me in my tracks.

Application Version:2008 SP2 (Build 83388)

Win XP

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You've stumbled upon a problem that has plagued programmers from day uno ...

the sorting problem as it pertains to those pesky Real Numbers. In the example you provide a Bubble Sort will see "1" as being first in line and then "12" as being second , etc. because the program assigns ID-Values to the Numbered items on the List .. messing with the sort order confuses the associated Parameter ID-Values .. like we used to do in elementary school when we sat in different desks declared on the seating chart in order to confuse a substitute Teacher.

If we were clever enough, the Teacher would never catch-on to the re-ordering prank ... but if Bobby mistakenly shifted over to Betty's seat then the Sub could crash our script.

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