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"combine" command

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this cause use a Add Solid.. Command for together to One Object (but not one surface). then it will use other tools/Commands

or must move a some Surface for space (Between), then you will can use the connect/combine tool.(this ask is not you want)

or use Extact Curve tool for create Curve follow Outline Surface, then use the Create from Curves command., but get to unplane surface.

(i can't Downloan .Mov file)

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Kong, I don't have a problem constructing that shape, but I do have a problem with the fact that the combine command doesn't work in this case. I can find no logical reason for this.

Biplab said you probably cannot combine discontinous surfaces, but the Connect and Combine tool (in the 2D-pallette) does exactly that. At least, that's what the movie shows. So my guess is there's something wrong with implemention of the combine command.

And about the movie: I can download it without any problem, even after clearing my cache.

Thanks for replying [smile]

Kind regards,


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