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copy offset contrary to setting


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You used to be able to get the the plug-in for free from Vectordepot. Point-to-point copy and point-to-point move.

Also, a handy technique in VW is to do a Duplicate (in place not offset) combined with a Move. I learned this before I had the point-to-point and I still find it useful in certain situations.

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In vw, moving by dragging is not a command, it's just dragging, and with the use of the screen hints it can be exact. if you want to go by numbers then you use the 'move' command.

all this happens after you 'duplicate' the object.

when your intention is to duplicate and then move an exact distance, you first select the object, then press (in a windows pc) ctrl+d,m, that is, you leave your finger on the control key and press successively the d key and the m key.

i think in this aspect vw is paired with autocad. it's just a matter of getting use to one way or the other.

i've been working with vw for more than twelve years, and after having worked with autocad for three very intense months what's driving me crazy now that i'm back in vw is the offset command. it's not even for children or maybe there's something i don't get... i wish i didn't have to use it, but when part of your drawing is at angle you are stuck with it.

eas, any opinions - suggestions?

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In VW 2008 there's a new move by points command that allows you to move an object by picking points. It also allows you to create multiples (like duplicate array). ctrl c and ctrl v is not the same as ctrl d (dulpicate). The option to offset or not to offset only refers to what happens when an item is duplicated. The fastest way to duplicate is to hold ctrl (or option on mac) while clicking and dragging an item. You'll know your duplicating the object by the little + sign by your cursor.

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