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Auto option in Plant Tag Display

Keith Hadland


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Once a plant is placed, the Obj Info Palette lets you adjust the plant tag to None, Left, or Right.

In the plant definition, you can set whether a particular plant tag is always drawn to the left, to the right, or not displayed. This, in essence, would be the "Auto" option you are looking for.

I've added your second post to the wish list.

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What I'm after is for the Plant tag to switch sides depending on the angle of the label line/position of label relative to plant group - sure, we can define a default of left or right and then switch it manually but when you're doing complex planting layouts the work flow is place plant, adjust tag position, move to oip, switch tag side then fine tune tag position until the leader snaps to a sensible plant. It would be simplified if this work flow could be place plant, adjust tag position (with line switching sides automatically), move label line to required plant. The OIP should keep the option to change the tag position if required.

It just needs the same logic as a callout which has left, right and auto options.

Hope that makes sense


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