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NNA and BIMstorm LAX

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For those of you who missed it:

Nemetschek North America Co-Sponsoring and Participating in BIMStorm LAX

Columbia, Maryland, (January 31, 2008)--Nemetschek North America is co-sponsoring and participating in Onuma BIMStorm? LAX , an international event involving a wide cross-section of building industry professionals to design?in real time?over 30 Los Angeles city blocks encompassing 30 million square feet. The event, which takes place Thursday, January 31, will demonstrate how new technology and processes can improve design. ?Team V? will include members of Nemetschek North America?s integrated products group in Columbia, Maryland, collaborating with users from rojo Architecture in Tampa, Florida, and Shook Kelley, Inc., in Charlotte, North Carolina.

?We think of the BIMStorm events as ?Rapid City Prototyping,? using the Onuma Planning System to leverage industry-standard file formats for building information exchange (most notably IFC) in a graphic, collaborative environment,? says Robert Anderson, Nemetschek North America?s vice president of integrated products. ?VectorWorks Architect?s broad support of current IFC file formats gives us the ability to participate fully in this visualization process.?

VectorWorks Architect 2008 currently ships with a level-one certified implementation of IFC export and import, including versions 2.0, 2x2, and 2x3. Using this capability and the unique space planning and 3D modeling tools included in VectorWorks Architect, ?Team V? will be able to demonstrate VectorWorks as a valuable participant in a Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow, from initial planning and schematic design to the exchange of design ideas in various open-standard formats. These ideas are then available to other BIMStorm participants for energy analysis, cost and lifecycle analysis, and to examine ideas in the larger context of the city of Los Angeles.

Believing that current design processes are inefficient when using traditional methods, Onuma, Inc., whose mission is simply ?Revolutionize Architecture,? is coordinating this historic architectural technology event. Calling the concept ?a Woodstock? for the building industry, Onuma?s BIMStorm creates a framework for putting the process into warp speed and maximizing the value of a design charrette. It incorporates the skills of worldwide teams in maximizing the ?information? part of BIM.

Onuma announced plans to submit the entire BIMStorm LAX project and process to the 2008 AIA Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) BIM Awards as the first-of-a-kind, real-time submittal to the BIM Awards.

If you're interested in what Stan Rostas, Robert Anderson and I came up with, check out this link to Google Earth (you must have Google Earth installed).

Just download the file and remove the .txt extension. If it doesn't automatically associate with Google Earth, try opening GE first and then open the link with File>Open...

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Download the attachment to your desktop.

Select the file and rename it by deleting the .txt off the end. If you have Google Earth installed, it should change the icon to a Google Earth file icon. If not, that's OK. Just open up Google Earth and from the File>Open... menu, select the renamed download file. On the left side of the Google Earth screen, under the Places menu, you should have a category, "Temporary Places". The new link "OPS Network" will be there. Just double-click on it and it should "transport" you to the site.

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Onuma has essentially set up all the technology as a service to architects. We want to support his efforts for implementing support for open data standards like IFC to exchange even very basic building design information (e.g. footprint, massing, spaces) in a meaningful way. The OPS allows people to collaborate from many different aspects of the AECO process with different software for different puposes.

Our interest is in showing our customers how they and VW can interact with other BIM-centric applications.

I think Kimon Onuma's OPS (Onuma Planning System) is a great tool to help architects, developers and planners make decisions early in the design process, when it is still cheap to make changes and explore different avenues. It allows architects to put their ideas in context. It enables them to share what they know about a design, when they know it and get meaningful input from other sources of data (e.g. zoning/planning officials, environmental experts, energy analysis firms, etc.). It expands the potential of collaboration to get a project done and done right.

It is not going to immediately affect every architect for every project right away. But I think events like BIMstorm show everyone the potential and eventual path of the future of architecture and technology.

Edited by Jeffrey W Ouellette
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What did we do? Well the "stuff" you saw in the Google Earth .kml file was all created by our team as a proposal for the re-development of part of LA (read the BIMstorm website information). We created the geometry in VW Architect and then translated and uploaded to the OPS. This geometry wa pretty basic -floor slabs and space objects. Onuma's system then made the geometry and data associated with it available to other participants to add more information, if they chose. We have had a solar analysis created by another participant for one of the buildings. Our plan is to post all of this "stuff" to the BIM in Practice page as an example of another BIM workflow using VW.

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Sorry C W, I wasn't intentionally ignoring you, just a bit busy on this end. I'm glad you got it working.

This will only go as far as our users push it. We will continue to collaborate with developers like Onuma to enhance options for our users to interact with a BIM methodology and processes. We will be on the lookout for more opportunities to create and expand our interoperability with other BIM-compatible apps and workflows. Initially, though, will will be focusing on using open standards (IFC) to do such communication.

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