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Where to get Quality 3d objects for Kitchen Renderings


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I'm doing plans, 3d renderings of Kitchens

I need a source for quality 3D Appliances: Ranges, Sinks, faucets, Refrigerators, MW, etc, with textures assigned already for the different components for each.

I know there's the Object Imperial library, However, to set up Nice looking textures for the various components to make the rendering look great is a lot of work.

(I've made my own Library of Cabinets, thats done.)

Any Ideas?

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Gary01, sometimes you can go to a manufacturer's websites and download 2D drawings and 3D "models" of their products such as this instance from Sub-Zero:


You will be importing a DWG replete with about 250,000 polys and it makes my tortise of a mack even slower...but if you're tooled up they can be helpful if only to help you model what you do want right in VW with much fewer objects. This particular download rendered well but as I said it really put the brakes on.

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Give a skilled VW User any of these "production" Object models and the overhead can be reduced by 90% with a few simple tricks. I avoid importing DWG symbols for the reasons mentioned by bc .

Who needs Symbol Libraries littered with zillions of ridiculous polygon meshes... just to show a generic stove or refrigerator or faucet or something ?

If you want photo-realism, sometimes the easiest & most efficient approach is an ImageProp.

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