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Printing with Epson 1520

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Thanks for the hint. I used Macs for 8 years, but had to switch to Windows in 97 - over 80% of my clients are on Windows.

Randy Fielding


Originally posted by Sam Combs:

Get a Mac! Actually, I have a 1520, a G3/233 and have no problems. I have no problems printing at 360 dpi, 720 dpi or whatever. Have you called Epson? Good Luck!

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Thanks for your message. I have contacted Epson via phone and web site, and downlowaded a new driver a few weeks ago. I'll go back and chaek again.

Randy Fielding


Originally posted by Bob Armbruster:

I have an Epson 1520, too.

Epson's website has updates to the printer drivers, FAQs and Troubleshoooting info. Their support via the website
is excellent. Quick response to emails. I also called their support line and got knowledgeable tech support.

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Thanks for your message. I did update the driver a few weeks ago. I'll try again soon.

Randy Fielding


Originally posted by Boris Madsen:

Epson drivers usually need to be updated, according to the OS you use - at leat when it comes to Macs. I guess with PC's it might be the same. Have you already tryed and checked it out?

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